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  • Sistine_Chapel_Ceiling_Meowsterpiece_of_Western_Art__2000_

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The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Meowsterpiece of Western Art 2000 Piece Puzzle from Galison features an amusing feline interpretation of the iconic High Renaissance paintings of Michaelangelo. Galison puzzles are packaged in matte-finish sturdy boxes, perfect for gifting, reuse, and storage. An insert of the full puzzle image is also included. • 2000 Pieces, Ribbon Cut • Box Size: 13.25 x 10.125 x 3.125”, 336 x 257 x 79 mm • Puzzle Size: 38.5 x 29.5”, 980 x 749 mm • Includes Puzzle Insert with Puzzle Image • Minimal Puzzle Dust

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